Molten Salt Reactors

We believe the future for nuclear, is mass manufacturing of small reactors, with extensive quality checks. Easily installed and operated on site, and with a assembly line output of more than one reactor per day.

40 ft container sized reactor

Normally industry scales up the size of power plants in order to reduce cost, but this also increases the financial risk significantly. Financial risk is what drives the cost of nuclear. Our molten salt reactors are small and modular, allowing them to be produced at a fraction of the cost of classic nuclear reactors. Any desired output is then achieved by placing multiple reactors on site.

Removing the complexity for decision makers. Companies fear the responsibility of operating a nuclear plant, decommissioning, and handling nuclear waste. We take care of all of that and just deliver reliable and green energy to the customer.
Thomas Jam Pedersen


  • Reactor output
    100 MWth
  • Temperature served to customers
    560 °C
  • Kickstarter fuel
  • Moderator
    unpressurized heavy water
  • Neutron spectrum
  • Fuel cycle

Thorium the solution

Thorium is the only element that allows for a breeder reactor in thermal spectrum. This means that the power output per kg of fissile inventory can beat any other reactor.

Thorium is a metallic element from the periodic table, number 90, with a melting point of 1750 °C and a density of 11.7 kg/L.
When mining for other materials the world already mines enough thorium to power all global energy production.
Thorium is reacted with fluorine to created thorium tetrefluoride ThF4 which is then mixed with isotopically enriched lithium 7 fluoride 7LiF to form the basis salt F7LiTh used in our reactor.
Natural occurring thorium was created in extreme and rare events, such as supernova explosions or the collision of neutrons stars and then scattered across the universe. without the energy released from the decay of thorium and uranium in the earth’s core our planet could not sustain life as it does today. thus, both the earth and molten salt reactors are powered by stardust.

Engineering focused approach to reactor development

Development is driven by extensive and iterative testing of components, which has already birthed several innovations

Selected key innovations
  • Circulates molten salt continuously in a loop in which various materials/components can be inserted
  • Flexible design allows for frequent modification to tests
  • Test loops have already aided in the development, testing and verification of several reactor components
  • $100,000
  • Test data from customers is shared with Copenhagen Atomics lowering the Company’s own testing needs

Test loops are crucial in the development of molten salt reactors and allow for verification of reactor parts

The most advanced loop for lab tests currently available

Copenhagen Atomics’ 5th generation portable molten salt loop with two leak-tight barriers, 18 m3/h capacity pump, 700 °C furnace, and online web data monitoring.


High-temperature molten salt pump without dynamic seals


Unique clamps and flanges with decreased failure and leakage probability


Salt cleaning – scrubbing fission products during operation


LIBS System - can measure isotopes inside the radio-active molten salt in real time


Project executed with Copenhagen Atomics, Alfa Laval, Aalborg CSP and Weel & Sandvig.