Team and culture

Small and modular

We are a first principle "can-do" team dedicated to drive innovation and transformation. Our culture is driven by a passion to make a change and to get things done

2023 by numbers

Target price
$20 per MWh
First reactor
1 MW output 2025


At Copenhagen Atomics we work hard and are committed to everything we do. To encourage this behavior and company culture we have a warrant program, which allows us to earn a significant bonus, if the company performs well. Employees are part of the warrant program.

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Personal growth

We aim for all employees to learn something every week. Everyone who works here want to improve their skills, learn new skills and grow as a person.

Making a difference

We believe people perform best if they feel relevant. We keep an ongoing dialog with each employee about how they can improve and how the team can help facilitate this.

Energy = prosperity

Working at Copenhagen Atomics is fundamentally about creating a better world. We believe that access to low cost energy equates directly to access to more prosperity. Our role is to make energy accessible to everyone.

We started Copenhagen Atomics with the belief that humanity’s main limitation is how much energy we can access.

Above, from left to right, are Thomas Steenberg, Peter Szabo, Thomas Jam and Aslak Stubsgaard, who founded Copenhagen Atomics in 2015

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If you are interested in our transformative technology and want to join our team, then drop us a line and we will keep you up to date with new jobs, company updates.

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