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Radically changing nuclear power

Radically changing nuclear energy technology is a rapidly growing industry and research area dedicated to developing fundamentally new types of nuclear reactors. Such reactors are targeted to solve problems of existing nuclear reactor technology, including waste, risk, scalability, and cost.

Molten salt reactors and Thorium

At Copenhagen Atomics we believe that reactors using molten salt as coolant and fuel (MSRs) and thorium as an abundant and cheap energy source is the best solution for completely changing nuclear energy and energy production in general. A thorium based molten salt reactor is small, efficient, safe, and with an optimal waste profile including the capability of burning nuclear waste from current plants.

Thorium energy and the environment

Nuclear reactors don’t produce gaseous pollution such as CO2, SO2 and NOx, or particulate matter pollution. This occurs at a massive scale with fossil fuels and is the main cause of our largest environmental problem today. Furthermore, thorium MSRs can deliver a scalability and cost proposition superior to any existing energy technology, including current nuclear, renewables, and fossil fuels.

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Copenhagen Atomics Wasteburner

Our 100MW Copenhagen Atomics Wasteburner will run on long-lived waste from traditional nuclear reactors and thorium. In the process of incinerating the waste enormous amounts of energy and new fuel is produced for the next generation of reactors allowing us to rapidly scale to meet global energy demand. This line of reactors will not have any long-lived waste stream, solving the nuclear waste problem and completely removing the need for long term storage of nuclear waste.

Developed through trial and error

Copenhagen Atomics are world leading in developing, building, and testing REAL molten salt hardware. Through our strategy of trial and error we're developing the world's safest form of energy generation. Only through exhaustive testing of systems, prototype reactors, and demonstration reactors can a truly reliable new nuclear energy technology be brought to market before the end of the decade.

Mass-manufactable and scalable

Our technology is unique in being able to scale extremely rapidly to meet growing global energy demand while replacing existing fossil fuels. This is achieved through a mass-manufacturable 100MW reactor that fits inside a 40' shipping container sized containment vessel, allowing for factory manufacturing and rapid deployment worldwide.

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In order to foster collaboration and partnerships we have made some of our components and systems available for purchase.
Through the research our platforms allow we seek to accelerate the advent of molten salt reactors.


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