Thorium Energy

Thorium-HandThorium is a slightly radioactive metal present in rocks and soil in the amounts about three times higher than uranium. Thorium power is expected to exceed all other forms of energy used by man today, that includes, nuclear, wind, solar, oil, gas, coal, bio, geothermal combined!

Currently the cheap coal power is causing the severe air pollution and threatening catastrophic climate change. Large scale deployment of solar and wind power is economically challenging. And hydro power, although being low cost, has a limited capacity and may cause socio-environmental impact in the affected areas.

Nuclear energy is clean and scalable but has certain issues with safety, financing large-scale deployment and handling the radioactive waste. Many companies in the nuclear industry today are investigating advanced reactor designs aimed at tacking the issues of safety and financial viability. Copenhagen Atomics focuses on solving the challenge of nuclear waste with a Thorium Molten Salt Reactor, called Waste Burner.

Thorium Energy Meetup

Copenhagen Atomics is an organization started by several people determined to change the world for the better. We are open to public discussions and debates about the future of energy and are active members of the Thorium Energy Meetup group in Copenhagen. We believe that it is important to spread the word, share knowledge and bring all the issues up to the public discussion. Join the meetup to meet us, share your expertise and point of view and learn more from others. We recruit our team members from the Meetup.

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