Our purpose


"Cheap and abundant energy is no longer a luxury: it will eventually be a necessity for maintenance of the human condition" - Alvin Weinberg

Thorium MSR

The high temperature, low pressure, and liquid fuel of a molten salts reactor, conceived by Raymond Clare Briant and developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory under Alvin Weinberg, is seen by Copenhagen Atomics as the safest, most responsible, and cost effective way towards world energy prosperity. Thus, Copenhagen Atomics are pursuing molten salt reactors based on a Thorium fuel cycle and initiated by the incineration of existing stockpile transuranics.

Open Source

Copenhagen Atomics is based on an open source model, where results and findings are shared with the thorium molten salt reactor community. Copenhagen Atomics believes that for molten salt reactors to make a significant contribution to the world's energy demand within the pressing timeframe, the community at large needs to collaborate and cooperate to achieve our common goal of clean abundant energy accessible to all.


Copenhagen Atomics has a shared long-term goal to build at least one 40' container-size molten salt reactor each day. We recognize that the technology could have a profound influence on our society. Its public acceptance is essential. Therefore we use the Copenhagen Thorium Energy Meetup, blogs, our youtube channel, conferences, and other public events to disseminate our knowledge.


The future of energy

Today one billion people uses roughly half of the world's energy consumption and 75% of the global population live in Asia and Africa. Copenhagen Atomics thinks it is highly likely that total global energy consumption in the world will continue to increase and that most of this increase will occur in Asia and Africa.

Copenhagen Atomics believe that energy is essential to have growth and prosperity. Copenhagen Atomics also believe that Asia and Africa will approach Thorium MSR energy production in a constructive manner, where pros and cons, such as the cost vs the number of deaths per unit of energy produced, are compared more directly with other alternative energy forms and growth potentials.

Copenhagen Atomics thinks that the output of all the major energy forms will grow in the future, but some more rapidly than others. Thorium MSR is one of the few new contenders which has the potential to overtake many of the currently major energy forms. Thorium MSR's can be manufactured on an assemblylines and Thorium is abundant in nature. Furthermore, Thorium MSR can avoid most of the safety problems that plage old nuclear.


The role
of Thorium MSR

Fission energy has 1 million times the energy per kilogram than the best liquid hydrocarbon fuels. Thorium MSRs can burn their fuel a 100 times as efficiently than traditional nuclear power plants. In addition, Thorium MSRs can burn spent nuclear fuel from old nuclear powerplants and get a lot of additional energy out, while at the same time reducing the number of years the final waste has to be stored by orders of magnitude.

Building the first fission reactors and the first molten salt reactors only took a few years. It was done with a limited budget and operated safely for many years. Todays modern powerplant are prohibitively expensive and takes more than 20 years to build. The reason for this has nothing to do with the technology, it's a result of political and organizational incompetence.

What we should be doing is:
1. Build Thorium MSR breeders on assembly lines
2. Allow for fast technology cycles
3. Compare the cost and safety directly with the alternative solutions

What is possible

External energy supply is essential for human life on this planet. Before the industrial revolution global population was roughly 700 million. Now we are 10 times as many people and growing by 80 million per year.

If we do not want to decrease the global population and if we do not want the vast majority of all humans to live in deep poverty. More energy is the only answer. All energy forms has pros and cons and some scale very purely.

Thorium MSR is likely one of the energy sources, which will have the least deaths per unit of energy produced and which is able to scale to meet the growing global energy demands. However, such growth is only possible with breeding reactors, otherwise we'll likely run out of existing fissile inventory before Thorium MSR can scale to supply e.g. 20% of the global energy demand. This is why Copenhagen Atomics support routes that lead to breeder reactors in the short term.

Copenhagen Atomics do not believe that we should try to build the first MSR to last for 50 years or more. Or try to make deaths per unit energy produced much lower than other competing energy forms. We must focus on designs that are build to scale rapidly. The first airplane, car, and mobile phones look very different from the advanced models we have today. Of course this will also be the case with Thorium MSRs. Thus Copenhagen Atomics believe that it is of very high importance to allow for continued innovation and improvement of Thorium MSRs in order to achieve a rapid technology cycle.

When it comes to radioactivity from nuclear power plants we must demand from society the same pragmatism towards death than we accept from other industries, such as oil, gas, mining, airlines, smoking, etc.