Copenhagen Atomics Waste Burner

The Copenhagen Atomics Waste Burner reactor will be a molten salt reactor started, and partly run, by Plutonium from stockpiled nuclear waste, mixed with Thorium and various minor actinides.

The primary purpose of the reactor will be to destroy Plutonium and actinides from nuclear waste through transmutation and fission. Therefore Thorium will be used instead of Uranium, to avoid breeding new transuranic elements and to avoid enrichment of Uranium. None of the isotopes produced in the reactor can be used for atomic bombs in any meaningful way.

The reactor design will be based on the successful Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment reactor at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The reactor will operate at the atmospheric pressure, which will allow us to place it in a container.  The Wasterburner will be modular built, which means it will be possible to change different containers such as processing units, reactor unit etc. within the plant, while keeping the salt in the power plant. When the containers’ lifespan is complete, we will exchange it with a new container and the old will be recycled at a central decommissioning site.

Learn more details in our White Paper here.

See the Copenhagen Atomics Wasteburner Plant presentation in 3D here.



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