White Paper


We have prepared this first public draft of our White Paper where we present our plans and goals. The paper covers the tentative Waste Burner Design, safety and decommissioning issues and cost analysis. It is explicitly explained in the Non-Proliferation section of the paper, that it is not practical to modify the waste burner’s operation to accumulate material for weapons.CA White Paper Cover


White Paper’s Content:
 1  Meeting the Worlds Rapidly Expanding Energy Needs
 2  Reduction of Waste by Copenhagen Atomics
 2.1  Chemical Separation of Commercial Light Water Reactor Waste
 3  Wasteburner Design
 3.1  Structural Design
 3.2  Reactor Core
 3.3  Salt Composition
 3.4  Onboard Reprocessing
 3.5  Cooling
 4  Safety & Decommissioning
 4.1  Walk-Away Safety
 4.2  Decommissioning
 5  Cost Analysis
 5.1  Cost of construction of the first demonstration Wasteburner
 5.2  Cost not directly related to R&D and construction of the machine
 5.3  Cost of Wasteburner in a mass production scenario
 6  Non-proliferation
 7  Summary



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