How to make the Thorium Energy Copenhagen Meetup better?

Suggest a topic that interests you or become a speaker yourself!

We are happy to see that the Thorium Energy Copenhagen Meetup is growing. We attract more and more  people who are interested in the topic of Thorium and MRS energy. For all this time we were trying to make the Meetup more exciting by initiating discussions, inviting speakers, organising trips. Thorium Energy Copenhagen is now a platform for a dialogue and a meeting place for people with different backgrounds, but a common interest in Thorium Energy.

Now it is time to go further. We want to widen our audience by suggesting topics that will attract more people.

Let’s discuss more. Let’s talk about Renewable energy, human body, nuclear power in different countries, newest scientific inventions, electric cars  – you name it!

If you have any ideas/suggestions about what you would like to be discussed, If you know someone to be a speaker, or if you have something to say yourself, please contact Yulia or Olga at and

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