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We're excited to offer the world's first commercially available molten salt loop


Portable pumped molten salt loop

The Copenhagen Atomics pumped molten salt loop comes complete with control software, which can be operated from a mobile-phone app. Operating conditions are logged, cloud hosted, and can be viewed online or downloaded as a .csv file using a customer specific log-in and password. Copenhagen Atomics specialists are available for hands-on assistance during installation at the customer location.

Video Datasheet Buy: from $88,000

Salt ingots

Clean, dry, and pre-melted FLiNaK salt in large volumes to supply any testing need.


Check valves

Our check valves employ only static seals and a single moving part, and have been tested extensively with molten salts.

Buy: $900


Our U-clamps are a very robust way of assembling pipes and components for molten salt experiments. They come in two types - single U-clamps and double U-clamps, both designed and tested extensively and are intended to work together with industry standard tri-clamp flanges.

Buy: $85

Temperature data logger Hub10

The Copenhagen Atomics temperature data logger handles up to 256 termocouplers per USB port, and has a very easy programmable interface. Software is open source and work on Win, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc. Temperatures are logged at 10Hz to a webbased chart, and can be viewed online or downloaded as a .csv file using a customer specific log-in and password.

Datasheet Buy: $169


SwitchBox 230VAC
4 channels, 8 Amp

This switchbox has 4 channels, each controlled by a relay. The relay switches on or off at the sine wave zero crossing. Each channel has a resettable fuse and a current sensor. By connecting the box with a USB cable to your 115200 baud computer, you can execute commands to turn each channel on and off and it will show you how much current is being used on each channel.

Datasheet Buy: $239