Total global energy consumption

Discover how 30 years of "talk" has resulted in very little "change". But certainly a lot of additional energy output around the world.

Our path to accelerate reactor development

  • Low cost high efficiency

    Copenhagen Atomics is working on developing a thorium based MSR in a 40 foot shipping container (“Waste Burner”) capable of delivering 100 MWth expected to bring total LCoE below $20/MWh in a mass manufacturing scenario.

  • Reducing storage period

    The Waste Burner is expected to be online in 2028, and will run on a combination of thorium and used nuclear fuel reducing the storage period of the existing nuclear waste from 100,000 to 300 years

  • Demo expected in 2025

    We are in the process of building a non-fission prototype for the 1 MWth demo reactor, which will validate the reactor design using a non-nuclear fuel salt. We expect to have an operational 1 MWth demo reactor ready by 2025

The solution

100 MWth thorium based MSR “Waste Burner” delivering abundant energy in a cheaper, safer and cleaner manner

Copenhagen Atomics waste burner


  • 2014
    Idea behind Copenhagen Atomics takes shape
    Achieved milestone
  • 2015
    First public talks about design and tech
    Achieved milestone
  • 2016
    Started building hardware
    Achieved milestone
  • 2017
    First public demo of molten salt test loop
    Achieved milestone
  • 2018
    First sale of products
    Achieved milestone
  • 2019
    Alfa Laval collaboration
    Achieved milestone
  • 2021
    30 years accumulated component testing
    Achieved milestone
  • Series B capital raise
    Financial milestone
  • 2022
    Non fission prototype
    Technical milestone
  • 2023
    Select country for MSR demo
    Technical milestone
  • 2024
    Series C capital raise
    Financial milestone
  • 2025
    MSR demo
    Technical milestone
  • 2026
    Financial milestone
  • 2027
    Waste Burner design finalisation
    Technical milestone
  • Waste Burner design Approval
    Technical milestone
  • 2028
    Waste Burner Online
    Financial milestone
  • Assembly line production of waste-burners

Use cases

Thorium is widely and abundantly available and stores enough energy to sustain the world’s energy need for thousands of years

Thorium usecases by Copenhagen Atomics
Since energy prices are highly correlated with almost any product and molten salt reactors will become the absolute cheapest possible method of producing energy, thorium molten salt reactors will be the most deflationary technology humanity has ever seen.
Aslak Stubsgaard

A unique investment opportunity

An engineering driven approach to developing a clean, safe and abundant energy source through a thorium based MSR

A financial and environmentally sustainable energy solution
The world needs a quick green transition and Copenhagen Atomics will provide a solution, which is both more green than most other projects and which creates a great return on investment. We want this to be a historically significant energy solution.
Safe and abundant energy
Nuclear energy is statistically the safest form of energy production. - Horror stories from the media are more fictional than factual. We believe that Copenhagen Atomics waste burners alone will provide more energy in the next 30 years than the wind and solar industry did in the last 30 years.
Steep learning curve from continuous testing
Thorium molten salt reactors is a new technology and there is some skepticism about when it will mature. Copenhagen Atomics is unique because we have tested more hours than all the other companies in this industry combined. We are confident that these reactors will become commercial before 2030.
On the forefront of MSR development
Ultimately, Copenhagen Atomics is on the forefront of the development of a commercial MSR, which can produce sufficient energy to meet the growing demand in a cheaper and environmentally friendly way.

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