Safety case manager

Copenhagen Atomics is on a trajectory to become one of the leading technology companies in Europe.
We have developed a set of new technologies, which allow us to recycle nuclear waste and make green energy at lower cost than any other energy technology.
We are close to a breakthrough where we can manufacture one nuclear reactor every day and blast ahead of wind, solar and fusion in the green energy race.

Join us at Copenhagen Atomics as we finish developing a functioning thorium molten salt reactor that burns nuclear waste and drives real change.
As a company, we value curiosity, flexibility, being self-driven, yet able to collaborate, and the possibility to grow as a person and professional.

You’ll play an important role in:

  • Writing large parts of the documentation, to be used for our reactor approval.
  • Have the responsibility of licensing our test reactor, including writing the safety case.
  • Participate in meetings with authorities in several countries related to approval of a new type of nuclear reactor. Help shape the government employees' understanding of our reactor system and the risk assessments.
  • Help develop a new team of employees who will be responsible for the documentation needed to approve a radically new type of nuclear reactor.
  • Close interaction with founders and senior management.
This position involves a variety of responsibilities and may not be limited to the above.

To succeed in the role, you:
  • Excellent negotiation skills.
  • Bring a can-do-attitude and has the ability to transform theoretical concepts and knowledge into practical use.
  • Able to communicate in written english, such that people with limited experience can easily understand our concepts and argumentation.
  • You are very detailed oriented and can keep very large amount of information and system relations in your head, as well as communicate this to others in text, drawings, charts, images.
  • Have experience from nuclear environments or safety approvals in other heavily regulated industries.
  • Have obtained a master degree in nuclear, engineering, physics or similar.

Innovation is at the forefront of our culture and drives us to achieve our goals. As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to work on groundbreaking technologies with the potential to make a significant impact on the world.

Based in Copenhagen, we are an international team of over 70 engineers, technicians, designers, and more who are in the process of developing a new, low-cost, abundant, sustainable, and safe nuclear technology to be manufactured on assembly lines in the future. As part of Copenhagen Atomics´ aspirations of continued growth, we have moved into new and larger facilities in Kastrup with 11.000 square meters of office and production space.

Please send your CV as well as a short description of yourself.

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