List of projects

  • Catalog of melting points and vapor pressure of different Fluoride and Chloride species and add them to msdl (molten-salt-data-library)
  • Project with molten salt electrochemistry, removal of impurities from the salt.
  • Corrosion testing, compare different salts, materials over a range of temperatures on world class molten salt test equipment.


  • Make PCB for USB galvanic separation circuit. Circuit design, software and application testing.
  • Test a number of different gas detection sensors.
  • Make data acquisition system for vibration sensors.
  • Make test setup for high temperature gasket test for different salts.
  • Test a high temperature lense system in furnace with a live feed video camera.
  • Improve security of our software and systems by trying to hack then. Then fix the issues.
  • Test C# and .NET for STM32 and setup tool chain.
  • Make an Android mobile app for remote control of our Loop.
  • If This Then That (IFTTT) interface from chart server. Such that users can easily setup trickers / alerts.
  • Test time series databases for our vector data uploader
  • Find, buy, test, calibrate one or several oxygen sensors.
  • Find, buy, test, calibrate one or several moisture sensor.
  • Test and calibrate and improve salt leak detection sensors.
  • Test ultrasonic flow measurement system, first with water, then with salt.
  • Make an off the self current, voltage, frequency recorder work with RS485 interface.
  • Test and improve calibrate procedure for temperature sensors.
  • Benchmark OpenMC and Serpent on MSR related simulations.
  • Extend OpenMC to load OpenFoam mesh models.
  • Soften the learning curve for students new to OpenMC.
  • Improve the OpenMC tool chain setup and documentation.
  • Photon transport simulations for gamma ray shielding.
  • Study coupling between thermal-hydraulics and monte carlo simulations.
Risk analysis
  • Risk analysis of framework and calculations for CA MSR.
  • Compare different national approval processes.
  • Review safeguards and non proliferation issues related to MSRs.
Economic models
  • Improve economic models of reactor deployment scenarios.
  • 3D visualizations and 3D rendering of buildings and components.
  • Architectural visualizations of molten salt reactor installations.

Suggest your own project topic!!

At Copenhagen Atomics we are eager to support the education of the next generation of nuclear engineers and scientists who will potentially enable the molten salt reactor industry grow to a size where we can supply 10% of global energy. This will require thousands of smart people globally. Feel free to suggest your own topic for an internship or a thesis. However, keep in mind that we are a business and we need to make money. With a limited number of spots for students, we prefer students and projects which result in the biggest win-win for both parties.

Who are you?

Curiosity is part of our culture and how we train every day as a team to become world champions of our mission. We are very curious of who you are and what purpose you have in life. What is your story and what are your dreams? As team players we depend on each other whether big or small projects and delivery. Hence, we make a huge effort to keep our promises and deadlines because it affects all of us. Our work pace can be intense at times due to our high ambitions, and errors can be expensive. However, if you like to be challenged Copenhagen Atomics might be the right place for you to write your thesis! For students who want to do an internship or write their thesis at Copenhagen Atomics we offer to pay up to €1000 per month to cover your housing cost in Copenhagen, if you are not from here. You must be at Copenhagen Atomics for a minimum of 8 weeks but we prefer student projects that last 3 - 6 months. Interns usually work ½ of their workweek on their project and the other ½ they help in production or labs to gain experience. You can apply at Please send your CV along with 10 - 20 lines about yourself and why you want to join our adventure.

About Copenhagen Atomics

Based in Copenhagen we’re an international growth team of 50+ engineers, technicians and designers who are in the process of developing nuclear power plants to be manufactured on assembly lines in the future. We expect many new colleagues to join our company within the next 5 years as we expand our breadth and capabilities even further.

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